Take A Crash Course In Teeth Whitening! [BLOG]

It’s back-to-school season, which means even if your time in the classroom is years behind you, it’s always wise to maintain your inner curiosity and to learn new things.

Today, you can do that thanks to this blog, courtesy of our team at Attleboro Family Dental Care!

We’re going back to the classroom for a quick lesson on teeth whitening treatment , why you need it, and where to go for safe application and dramatic results!

Take A Crash Course In Teeth Whitening!

During your life, your appearance will change over time. But most of these alterations happen so slowly, you won’t even notice them until the damage has already been done.

Such as the color of your teeth!

Your morning coffee, your glass of red wine with dinner, or even your smoking habit from years ago, can all leave stains behind as your tooth enamel weakens from normal wear and tear.

But before you grab the car keys for a quick trip to the drugstore, you need just a quick crash course in teeth whitening treatment and why those store-bought DIY kits just won’t cut it!

What Made Your Teeth Look Dark & Dull?

The effectiveness of teeth whitening treatment can depend largely on the cause of your dark, dull smile. Some of the most common reasons your teeth become stained and dingy over the years are:

-Poor Oral Hygiene

-Poor Oral Health


-Poor Overall Health

-Prescription Medications

-Dark Foods and Drinks

-Lifestyle Habits (such as smoking or excessive drinking)

Based on these, you might infer the reason those consumer teeth whitening products aren’t going to contain the right concentration level of bleaching agents to truly reverse the damage that’s been done to the color of your teeth.

And you’d be correct!

What’s more is that even some teeth discoloration issues can’t be corrected with professional teeth whitening treatment, in which case we might recommend dental veneers for more lasting results.

Ditch The DIY Kits & Whiten Your Teeth The Right Way!

Maybe we feel so tempted to take the DIY route when it comes to whitening our teeth because of the easy access and lower price tag on those readily-available drugstore kits.

But cheaper isn’t always better, and nothing proves that quite like a store-bought teeth whitening system!

To effectively remove years worth of teeth stains from your food, drinks, medications, and lifestyle is to seek the expertise of a dental professional.

In Attleboro, MA, you’ll find an entire team of highly-skilled dentists who can help you get the bright smile you deserve!

We rely on Zoom, one of the most widely-trusted whitening systems that only dentists can provide. With customized mouth trays, you can protect your gums from harm because the whitening solution won’t ooze out of the trays like they easily can with universally-made store treatments.

The concentration of whitening agents in our Zoom treatments are far more powerful than DIY kits, yet they’re administered under the safe monitoring of a trained dentist.

So, for the safest method and the best results, trust your new and improved sparkling smile to Attleboro Family Dental Care!

Call Today For Treatment!

Pencils down!

Time to review what we’ve learned about teeth whitening!

First, the only method that will give you the bright, white smile you’re looking for without risking any damage to your teeth or gums, is at the hands of a dental professional.

Second, you need to know which dentist office to trust! Dr. Hannawi and our team at Attleboro Family Dental Care offer effective alternatives to those messy strips and mass-produced mouth trays from store-brand kits. With our widely-trusted Zoom whitening system, you’ll have a radiant smile to show off for any occasion!

Now, time for the real test. Are you ready to stop wasting time and money with drugstore treatments and get teeth whitening that actually works?

Then call our Attleboro, MA dental office today at 774-225-0618 or fill out our online form to request an appointment!

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