Shelah on restoring her smile after a bad accident

A few years ago, I had a bad fall and I broke my jaw and damaged quite a few of my teeth in the process. Dr. Hannawi and his staff were most kind and most helpful in helping me recuperate, and once I had recuperated, do some reconstructive surgery and work on the mouth and get it back to a point where I felt comfortable with it and was able to eat normally with it. So I was very grateful to them for that.

I had fallen and broken the jaw. That required surgery, which was done in the hospital, but then after that had healed, he really had to do some work where he examined the jaw and figured out what was the best, in terms of the implants and the teeth and the way to get it the way it had been beforehand. He did some implants, he did some restorative work on the teeth that weren’t that damaged, so he was very, very good.

Dr. Hannawi or his staff will always explain things to you and talk a procedure through first with you so you understand what’s being done. They always see how you feel about something before they do it. They try to be very attentive to the pain level so that if in any point you’re feeling uncomfortable, they’ll stop it and see what they can do to make you feel more comfortable.

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