Charles on maintaining his oral health

Unfortunately, in my early life, I was busy with a lot of things and had six children, and so forth. I didn’t really focus on my health and my dental needs as much as I should have, so there was a catch-up period. I came here and I had a couple of … had to have some teeth extracted and I had a lot of places, fillings and that kind of things, included some bridge work and everything.

So at that point, it was a catch up, but then from there on, it became part of my life and something that I was really happy for. My regret was I should have done it sooner. I have no more pain that I used to have, no ill effects. I can eat anything at any time. A lot of my friends say, “Oh, I hate going to the dentist.” I don’t have that feeling at all. When I have my six-month checkups and so forth, I look forward to it. I know I’m being taken care of. To me, health is very important. I go for physicals and everything all the time, so having your teeth checked and all those things, your gums, to me is important part of your health. If you want to go somewhere where you’ll get good treatment and be very comfortable and have it be a pleasant experience, as opposed to something that’s not pleasant, this is the place to come.

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