Byron on getting over his dental anxiety

Since the beginning, when I started coming with him, because I had problems with the dentist before—they did bad work so it was painful, so I was traumatized—the doctor, when I first came with him, he told me that there was no problem, that he was gonna take good care of me. To let him know if I was uncomfortable with something and they would … and I liked the way he worked. He explained everything since the beginning, every single procedure that he did. That’s why I kept coming with him and I haven’t been with any other dentist ever since.

Everybody’s very friendly. They even—I’m amazed at some people that I never go with them, they know my name, they know who I am, the reason why I’m here, if it’s just for cleaning or for a certain procedure. Everybody’s so friendly that they make you feel like if you were at home. They talk to you, you don’t feel any tension. It’s just like being with a friend.

Since I was a little baby, I have bad experience with my baby teeth, and that was the beginning. When I was 18, 19-years-old, I also had problems with my dentist and that’s why it scared me. I said, I just stopped going to, taking care of my teeth. That’s why I have, now that I’m older, I have problems with it. But, coming with him, he fixed all the problems that I had and that’s why I’m still coming with him.

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