Brian on restorative dentistry

A number of years ago, I had a … several veneers on the front of my teeth, and they lasted a long time. They were very helpful and … but my teeth were generally, a mess when they started with the veneers and that was done 20 years or so ago and they outlived their usefulness. I had some veneers replaced with another dentist and they just weren’t working out; they were chipping off and I was really concerned and wasn’t quite sure where to turn, and we came in and I talked to the doctor and he was very reassuring that he thought they may be able to put a program together.

We went through a somewhat involved process of removing the existing veneers and templating them for a new crown, a temporary crown procedure and we went through the permanent crowns. It was very well done.

It’s been several years since I had the work done. I’m very pleased. Everybody that sees them, recognizes the teeth and I think he did an outstanding job with the work that he did on my teeth. I would say that it has definitely helped my overall appearance. I’m a business owner and I think it’s important for business to provide appearance, as necessary. My teeth were creating difficulty with that.

This is a great dentist office. The doctor is very—as I said earlier, very comforting, very relaxing. He has a great mannerism, he has a great sense of humor. During the procedures, his staff is very attentive to him, to be able to do the things that he does. You can tell it’s a growing practice and I think that’s a testimony to the way he manages the office and the staff that he has. I think they’re great people. I just think it’s a great practice and am very, very pleased with the work they’ve done for me.

I’m here today because I’m happy to recommended it and I’m happy to tell other people that Dr. Hannawi does a great job.

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