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Given that archaeologists have found dentures dating back to the 7th century BC, they’re probably one of the oldest dental treatments. You can even see a set of dentures worn by President George Washington at his Mount Vernon Estate.

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Today’s denture have little in common with early replacement teeth, though. In fact, dentures have seen many improvements in recent years. For instance, Dr. Hikmat Hannawi or other Attleboro, MA dentists can attach a denture to dental implants for increased stability.

Dr. Hikmat Hannawi has been practicing dentistry in Attleboro, MA for 17 years. He began his dental career in Syria then later attended Boston University School of Dental Medicine as part of its Advanced Standing Program.

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Dental Implant Denture Stay Securely in Place

One of the biggest benefits of implant-retained denture and the implant-supported denture is their secure fit. Because your dentures don’t just rest on your gums but are attached to implants embedded in your jaw, they’ll stay put. This is why they’re especially popular for the lower jaw, where your mouth’s natural suction doesn’t work as well in keeping traditional dentures in place.

Other advantages of dental implant denture include:

  • They’re more convenient. You won’t need messy adhesives. And depending on which types of denture you choose, you can brush and floss them just like your natural teeth.
  • They’re better for your dental health. Because dental implants stimulate your jaw much like natural tooth roots, you’re less likely to experience bone loss that negatively impacts your dental health and gives your face a “caved in” look.

We’ve Got Traditional Denture Too

Dental implant dentures aren’t for everyone. If you’d rather have a traditional denture, Attleboro Family Dental Care offers conventional full denture to replace a whole mouthful of missing teeth or partial denture if you’ve still got some of your own teeth. Either way, our dental office in Attleboro, MA uses modern technology and high-quality materials to ensure you get a good fit and natural appearance. With partial dentures, you can choose fixed, meaning only a dentist can remove them, or removable.

If you’re confused by all the denture options, our top-notch Attleboro, MA dentists can answer all your questions and help determine which one will work best for you. To schedule a consultation, call Attleboro Family Dental Care at (508) 222-2510 or use our online form.

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Having missing teeth can be embarrassing. In fact, most people with missing teeth hide their smile or lacks the confidence to do so. Hiding your smile shouldn't be the last option for your missing teeth. Dentures can help fill the missing teeth. Let our top-notch dentist help you get a comfortable fit and effective dentures. Learn more Dentures here: Attleboro Family Dentistry offers uncompromising excellence in our service. Our top-notch dentists and the dental team will be your partners in achieving healthy and beautiful gums and teeth. Visit our dental office located near Hayward Field in Attleboro, MA or speak with our staff at 774-225-0618 to book an appointment with one of our dentists. Get connected with us through the following: Facebook - Twitter -