Get a Straighter Smile with Orthodontics

If any members of your family want a straighter smile, you can visit Attleboro, MA and see Attleboro Family Dental Care’s orthodontist, Dr. Yuhe Lu. She can help you, whether you’ve got a teenager with a bad bite or you want to beautify your own grin after years of feeling self-conscious about it. You can choose either traditional metal braces, which can solve the broadest range of orthodontics issues, or Invisalign, which discreetly straightens teeth with clear plastic aligners instead of metal brackets and wires. Either way, you’ll get a gorgeous smile!

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Dr. Lu of Attleboro Family Dental Care will consult with you to determine which solution will work best for you. And she’ll use sophisticated technology such as our 3D imaging system to create an effective treatment plan.

To find out more about our orthodontics options, call our Attleboro, MA orthodontist at (508) 222-2510.

Invisalign Is an Inconspicuous Way to Straighten Teeth

Orthodontics no longer means months or even years of wearing metal wires, brackets, and rubber bands on your teeth. With Invisalign, many people may not even be aware you’re straightening your teeth. Dr. Lu will create a customized treatment plan for you that uses a series of clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into their proper position.

Invisalign aligners are not only inconspicuous but removable too. It’s easy to keep your teeth clean, as you can take your aligners out for brushing and flossing. You can also remove them to eat, so you can still enjoy all your favorite foods without worrying about morsels getting stuck.

Other benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Faster treatment time. The average treatment time for adults using Invisalign is 12 months, which is months shorter than the usual treatment with traditional braces. Individual treatment times vary, of course.
  • More comfortable. Because there are no brackets or wires to rub against your mouth, most people find Invisalign more comfortable to wear than braces.

Straighten Your Teeth With Traditional Braces

Invisalign isn’t right for every smile, of course. Traditional metal braces are often a better option for more complex cases. You may be surprised to find that braces are better than you remember. They now use less conspicuous brackets and wires as well as metals that last longer and don’t need as many adjustments.

Advantages of braces include:

  • Versatile. They can solve problems ranging from simple cosmetic fixes to severely misaligned bites.
  • Appropriate for all ages. We don’t normally recommend Invisalign if primary (baby) teeth are still present. But we can use braces on young children, often to prevent orthodontics issues from worsening and requiring more costly and complicated treatment later.
  • Affordable. Traditional metal braces can be more affordable than some other orthodontics options.

To schedule an orthodontics consultation with Dr. Lu, call Attleboro Family Dental Care at (508) 222-2510. Or use our online form to make your appointment with our Attleboro, MA orthodontist.

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