Dental Veneers Cover Many Smile Flaws

A single solution to solve multiple smile flaws may sound almost too good to be true. But that is exactly what dental veneers can do! Our Attleboro, MA dentists apply the thin “shells” of tooth-like material to the front of your teeth, where they conceal imperfections including chips, cracks, stains, worn-down teeth, slight gaps, and misshapen teeth.

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It’s no wonder dental veneers are sometimes called “instant orthodontics”! To find out if this cosmetic dentistry solution is right for your smile, call Attleboro Family Dental Care at (508) 222-2510.

Dr. Hikmat Hannawi started his dental career in Syria. Years later, he moved to Boston University School of Dental Medicine to attend the Advanced Standing Program. Today, Dr. Hikmat Hannawi has been providing excellent dentistry to the community of Attleboro, MA for 17 years.

Our Treatments Provide Multiple Benefits

The ability of veneers to solve multiple problems with a single treatment is a big benefit. But dental veneers offer other benefits too. They include:

  • Fast treatment. Following a consultation, we usually measure you for your veneers during an initial visit, then securely attach them to your teeth on a second visit.
  • Low impact. Depending on the type of dental veneers you select, we remove just a small portion of enamel from your teeth to prepare them for veneers. In fact, both types of veneers we use are completely reversible.
  • Natural appearance. We use two types of dental veneers, both of which are made from materials that will blend seamlessly with your smile.
  • Long lasting. With proper care, your veneers should last up to 20 years.
  • Easy to maintain. Caring for your dental veneers is simple. Just brush and floss your teeth as usual.

We Provide You Multiple Options

Our cosmetic dentists in Attleboro Family Dental Care will help you determine which of the two types of dental veneers we use is the right choice for your smile. Both require less alteration of your teeth than most other veneers. They are:

  • Our dentists will remove only a sliver of enamel from your teeth to place these veneers, which are about as thin as a contact lens.
  • No-prep veneers. Your teeth will remain completely intact with these veneers.

To find out more about dental veneers, call Attleboro Family Dental Care at (508) 222-2510. Or use our online form to make an appointment at our Attleboro, MA dentist office.

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